There are not enough seconds in the minutes, or minutes in the hours....

Here's a picture that's been waiting a week for me to finish it, but I've been busy learning how to Tweet! Before that, I converted a novel into an e-book, and it works all most readers! (Proud of that accomplishment)!

And it's only17 days till the next First Wednesday Artwalk. I want to have several Navy paintings since this is a Navy town.

I'm thinking of a new way to set up my booth this time so I can show more stuff. Here's my first one with my fabulous assistant! I absolutely could have not done this without him!!!

I need a larger table to display brochures, business cards, smaller prints, notecards and all that stuff. But it all has to fit in the back seat of my PT Cruiser with the top down. Last time, I spent 75% of my time looking in the rear view mirror to see if anything was flying through the air.

And then there are the frequent distractions of the various and assorted visitors who only come by to drive Stanley crazy! These two live across the street and they actually came up on my front porch. I shoo'd them away, so the stopped and chewed a few weedsout of my front walk. I'm thinking about borrowing them occasionally. (It's easier than bending over.)

 Stanley's other BFF is a gopher tortoise who lives down the hill. He likes to walk back and forth along the back fence, all the while pretending Stanley does not exist. And Stanley's begging me to let him out to play. But since they're a protected species, we can't do that!

Never a dull moment - I've still got pix in the camera of the hummingbird outside my kitchen window. He's about 3 feet away and I love to watch him when I'm supposed to be working... like now! I gotta go... TTYL!

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