Love Them Red High-Heeled Shoes!

I got a new Red High Heel Shoe yesterday. Besides being part of the Deevine Miss M's logo, my inner being wears red stilleto shoes always. And - I had a bad tattoo (someone's initials) I needed to get rid of. So I did - I stomped on it!

(And yes, I photoshopped around the edges to get rid of the redness and swelling! If ya got the tools, use 'em!)  :P

My love of shoes is strong, but on the Today show this morning they interviewed a woman who makes me look like an amateur. Professional poker player Beth Shak  owns 1,200 pairs of shoes. Everytime she wins, she goes shopping for a new pair! They are valued at close to $500 million. WOW!

Here's a picture of just one of her three closets - however, instead of envy, I find myself thinking about having to pack all those shoes if I decided to go back to Tulsa! Not to mention, I don't think my seester would let me store them in her shed - she's funny likie that!

So, for the time being I'm content with my one new RED SHOE!


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Julia Hayes said...

Today in downtown Perth Western Australia I spotted a pair of red hi heels covered in red glitter - and I thought of you. I snapped a photo with my iPhone but the shop assistant didn't look too happy.
The image of that shoe closet reminded me of Imelda Marcos in her hey day. It would take so much longer to get ready with that amount of choice. and you are right - moving to Tulsa would be a headache.

the deevine miss m said...

I like your style! Thanks for taking the picture for me. :>