Help An Animal Find a Forever Home...

My sweet Sadie went to sleep forever on 11/11/11 and since she was a rescue dog, I've decided to honor her by supporting Safe Animal Shelter. I got her when she was a year and a half, and she left me when she was 15. I still look to see if she's awake when I get up in the morning. She brought unconditional love and many blessings into my life.

So my deal is I pick a dog each week, do a digital painting and showcase it on my blog, my website and Facebook. 10% of all my art sales will be donated to the shelter - and while that's not much right now, hopefully it will increase.

The first dog I picked was Harlequin. I love his mask and he's a very sweet dog.

My second dog is Zena. I picked her after reading about the difficulty in placing black dogs. Her pictures show a dog with a lot of spirit and energy!

Whoever adopts one of these dogs will get an 8x10 portrait to take home with them. Please think about adopting before going to a pet store. There are so many dogs put to sleep each year for no reason except no one wants them. How sad to have to be euthanizied because no one wants you! And remember - "euthanized" is just a gentler way of saying "killed."