The Dee-vine Miss M, Pet Artist

OK - It's official - the Dee-vine Miss M, Pet Artist! Commissioned pet paintings from photos. The Grand Opening presents... Hurley, the world's coolest chee-wah-wah! Here's our "before and after..."

My biggest problem with marketing my art has been that I'm all over the place - lighthouses, flowers, airplanes, cars and motorcycles, sea gulls, tugboats.... so after much thinking, and an incredible amount of coaching, nudging, and more than I can even describe from my marvelous teacher/marketing guru Tea Silvestre,  The Word Chef, and everyone in the Test Kitchen group, I've decided pets are the way to go.

So, currently I am trying to put together a plan that will include a new website, blog, and a special Facebook Page for my sweet Sadie. (But that's another story!)

For now, I just wanted to introduce the new direction for the Dee-vine Miss M. Keep an eye out for more... and e-mail me for more info if you'd like a personalized pet portrait!