Living the Wild Life in Florida!

Just about the time I've reached an uneasy truce with all the creepy-crawlies here in Florida, they go and break all the rules! I've grown  fond of the little lizard who crawls inside my kitchen window screen - even named him Fred - and I've pushed the screen out far enough for him to go in and out. And the little tiny green frogs are kinda cute - as long as they don't jump on me. My favorite critter is the Gopher Tortoise who lives out behind my house. He's as big as a hubcap and, boy, can he run! But... I digress! I was explaining about the broken truce between me and the critters!

Thursday night I opened the  pantry door, looking for a little bedtime snack, and one of Fred's cousins ran up the wall. I was a little startled, but since he didn't attack or anything I let him go about his business. Shortly afterwards, the dogs and I went to bed. I read for a little while, then turned off the lamp. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, I felt a "thump" on my leg, which startled me awake. Thinking Stanley had thrown a toy, I turned the light back on .... and it was a big ol' ugly gray TOAD!    eeeeeeekkkk!!!!!!!! (The picture below is nowhere near as ugly as the one that attacked me!)
Needless to say, it didn't take me long to get out of bed. And I chased him around the room, trying to throw the wastebasket over him, but he kept jumping every which way. When he landed on the wall behind my bed, I was done! I grabbed my phone, my book and my pillow, left the bedroom, closed the door, stuffed a towel in the crack at the bottom of the door - and spent the night on the couch! The next morning I cautiously crept into the bedroom, knowing that I could not sleep in there again until I found him. Well, I discovered him on the bathroom floor, so I closed that door, stuffed a towel under that door also, and called for help. My fearless friend, Robin, came to mine and the frog's rescue and took him outside. And we all lived happily ever after! NOT! He's lucky Robin took him outside, cause I'da killed the sucker. I used to have quite a taste for the wild life, but I don't care much for wildlife!