Pictures sold at auction!

Yesterday was a red-letter day! I donated some 8x10 prints, several packages of notecards and one 16x20 lighthouse print to a benefit auction at the Moose Lodge, . It was so awesome to see people actually vying for my artwork! Also met a couple who do photography and framing... we're going to get together and brainstorm of some collaborations of our different talents. Here are two of the prints -

Above is the old 66 Motel, a series of bungalow-style rooms, which was demolished in 2000. Reasonable rates at one time was $2 a night.

Here is a picture of the old 11th St. bridge, now named the Cyrus Avery Memorial Route 66 Bridge. The bridge has now been recognized as an important part of Route 66 history and is being preserved as such.I have the story of both photos somewhere, and will put them up as so as I locate them!
Oh... by the way... everything sold!


Seeing things a little differently

Another way of seeing things my own way... I send out a desktop calendar every month to friends and family. I love the colors, but one of my nieces asked her mom if I was on drugs :>
Maybe that means I'm a successful artist, huh? Below is the blue version of the horses, and below that, the original photo.


Another Buffalo???

I've wanted to drive along Riverside Drive and take pictures of all the sculptures and see what I could do with them, so today, trying to get motivated to do SOMETHING, I played with this one. For some reason, I'm starting to go for strange colors, but I like them!