Up Close and Personal...

Went to the Eastern Shore for the weekend with "Thelma and Louise" - 2 friends who are wandering around the world in a motor home. It wouldn't take much to convince me to go, too!

And, by the way, when we're together it's " Thelma and Louise and Stella." (We had to give me a name that fit the image.)

We rode around all weekend in my car with the top down - the only thing we still need to do is drive down the highway and let our scarves blow away in the wind! We all three draw the line at driving off the cliff!!!

Anyway, here's a friend we met at Chincoteague...


Counting Down the Days...

22 days till I leave for Tulsa! Just made a fast trip back there this week - left Norfolk Monday night at 6 pm, got to Tulsa at 11, spent a few hours with my son and grandkids, had an appointment at 10:30 am Tuesday, spent a few hours with my sister and brother-in-law, left
Tulsa at 5 pm, back here in Norfolk at 10:30 pm.

Worked Wednesday, then we had a softball tournament, today after work I get the trailer hitch installed on my car, Friday all I have to do is work, then will spend Saturday and Sunday up on the Eastern Shore with a couple of traveling friends, and back here Monday morning for regional softball tournament.

And what can I do with all the extra time on my hands? Oh - I know! I've still got to post the pix online from last night's game!!!

Never a dull moment! Oh, yeah - I'm trying to figure out when I can meet Deborah Ross at her Blue Skies Gallery between now and the time I leave!!!

But, I did manage to get a picture from the magnolia tree in the front yard...


I thought sure I'd been blogging right along there, then I looked at my last post... it was April 23rd!

So - softball has been running my life! We played 19 games and I took pictures at every single one. Then I uploaded them to a private gallery for the girls and parents to view. We played the last regular season game Wednesday - we won, of course! The standings are Great Bridge Wildcats - 17-2 - #1 in district.

Wednesday, May 20th, we will play whoever winds up as #2 at Tuesday's playoffs. So we are guaranteed a spot in the regionals - Wednesday will determine whether we go as #1 or #2. I'm designing a T-shirt that says : "unufishul teem picher takur" to wear to regionals! That oughta make them proud of me!!!

This has been great for developing my photography skills. I've learned to see the entire field and anticipate the action shots.

OK - gotta get back to work... see ya soon!