Counting Down the Days...

22 days till I leave for Tulsa! Just made a fast trip back there this week - left Norfolk Monday night at 6 pm, got to Tulsa at 11, spent a few hours with my son and grandkids, had an appointment at 10:30 am Tuesday, spent a few hours with my sister and brother-in-law, left
Tulsa at 5 pm, back here in Norfolk at 10:30 pm.

Worked Wednesday, then we had a softball tournament, today after work I get the trailer hitch installed on my car, Friday all I have to do is work, then will spend Saturday and Sunday up on the Eastern Shore with a couple of traveling friends, and back here Monday morning for regional softball tournament.

And what can I do with all the extra time on my hands? Oh - I know! I've still got to post the pix online from last night's game!!!

Never a dull moment! Oh, yeah - I'm trying to figure out when I can meet Deborah Ross at her Blue Skies Gallery between now and the time I leave!!!

But, I did manage to get a picture from the magnolia tree in the front yard...

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