I thought sure I'd been blogging right along there, then I looked at my last post... it was April 23rd!

So - softball has been running my life! We played 19 games and I took pictures at every single one. Then I uploaded them to a private gallery for the girls and parents to view. We played the last regular season game Wednesday - we won, of course! The standings are Great Bridge Wildcats - 17-2 - #1 in district.

Wednesday, May 20th, we will play whoever winds up as #2 at Tuesday's playoffs. So we are guaranteed a spot in the regionals - Wednesday will determine whether we go as #1 or #2. I'm designing a T-shirt that says : "unufishul teem picher takur" to wear to regionals! That oughta make them proud of me!!!

This has been great for developing my photography skills. I've learned to see the entire field and anticipate the action shots.

OK - gotta get back to work... see ya soon!

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