In A Pickle???

It's a phrase I've heard often through the years, and Googling gave me the following information:

To be “in a pickle" means a challenging or difficult circumstance.

Its origin is the play "The Tempest"
by William Shakespeare, and I quote:

ALONSO: … How camest thou in this pickle?
TRINCULO: I have been in such a pickle since I saw you last …

Well, Tuesday night I learned it's a term used in softball! My grand-daughter came up to bat, hit one, made it to second base. (Good job, Karen!) Now, I'm here to tell you this girl is a base-stealing champion, and last night was no different.

We're in the bottom of the 6th inning... the score is us 14, them 0. SO! Not a really exciting game, ya know? I'm busy snapping pictures of everyone on the team, not a lot of action shots, except everyone at bat and a few slides. A couple pictures of the flags blowing in the breeze... a passing helicopter... yawn.

Suddenly, I heard yelling and screaming "Get her!" and "Run, Karen!" and I swung my camera around toward 3rd base, pressed the shutter button... nothing. So, while I'm trying to see if my camera is off, if the battery's dead, Karen's "in a pickle" between 2nd and 3rd. By the way, the "pickle" means she was caught between 2nd and 3rd, with opponents on either side of her, trying to get her out! At last I've figured out my memory card is full, and while I'm trying to get the second one out of the case and into the camera, she "landed" flat on 3rd... after some discussion, it was ruled safe! Now, whether she dove for 3rd or was tripped, she still made it... whatever, I missed the whole thing by not watching the numbers on the camera! (From now on, the extra card will be ready in my pocket.)

Below is the last picture I got, where she made it to 2nd base. But, as I told her when she said she got in trouble... it was the most exciting part of the whole game, so just smile and remember the moment!!!

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