Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time (last week),I let my oldest grandkid, Karen, talk me into going to the mall with her. I wanted to say no, with all the usual excuses (no money, too tired, my knee hurts, etc.) - but made myself go anyway. I had forgotten the joys of window shopping, and we were having a great time, even with frequent breaks for my bad knee. Before long, I found myself drawn to shoe store after shoe store.

And oh, what glorious shoes! Red ones, black ones, gold, silver, strappy, closed, high heels, low heels, wedge heels, boots in every length imaginable, even knee-high tennis shoes. And did I mention... BLING! I love BLING! Like music to the "sole", from a tasteful touch of glitter to eye-popping strings of sparkly stones... whatever your taste, there's BLING!

And then came the moment! I saw the shoe! Incredible, red, suede, high-heeled, with a cuff like a boot and I knew... it was the shoe for me! After all, the Deevine Miss M's icon is a red high heel. So I asked the salesgirl for a pair in my size. Breathless, heart pounding, I put them on. They were so beautiful! I stood up, looked at them in the mirror, knew they had to be mine. I just couldn't live another day without those beautiful red shoes!

And then... I took the first step... and clutching a nearby shelf, I realized... I couldn't walk!! NO!! How could it be??? My traitorous knee refused to accept the change in pressure and, as I sat back down on the bench I realized... The Deevine Miss M is unable to walk in red high heels.

However, the unspoken word there is presently. It's time for at least one new knee! I've been having a lot of pain and have been talking to the doctor about it a knee replacement, and now I'm ready. Let's get it on! I have a picture of the shoe on my cell phone as motivation. The next red shoe picture I post will be of me walking out of the shoe store.

The End.

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