Water, Water Everywhere...

Even after living in Chesapeake, VA, for almost 3 years, I continue to be fascinated by all the water - and the boats, birds, lighthouses, fishing, etc. Of course that’s probably evident in my artwork.

Back home in Tulsa, there’s the Arkansas River, which is not the biggest river there is. Big sections are sandbars - and in places, you could walk from one side to the other. If you want to take a trip, there is Keystone Lake, Grand Lake, the Kerr-McKlellen Waterway... but you have to drive awhile to get to all of those.

But, the Norfolk area is amazing! Within minutes, you can see three rivers - the James, Nansemond and Elizabeth. Then there is the Chesapeake Bay, and finally, the Atlantic Ocean. And, of course, about 10 minutes from home, the Atlantic Inter-coastal Waterway and the Great Bridge Lock Park, I could probably go on for days if you add in all the drawbridges and the tunnels, but I think you get the message! That’s why I have so many water- related pictures in my galleries. Hope you enjoy!

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