Happy Mothers Day

What a nice day it was! It took some work to get all 3 grandkids organized with gifts and cards, not to mention the occasional
"You're not supposed to fight - it's Mothers Day." Or... "Do it for your Mom - it's Mothers Day." But, all things considered, it was fun!

We have a robin's nest right outside the kitchen window and it's been great to watch the process, from building the nest and setting on the eggs, to seeing tiny little heads popping up last Thursday. So I got out my trusty camera and was able to get some good pictures.

I never realized how hard mama birds have to work until we started watching this one. Back and forth, back and forth... all day long! Sometimes dad watches the nest while mom searches for worms. One of them is there practically all the time. Even the "terminally cool" grandkids are fascinated!

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