We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!!!!

My original vision for this blog had me writing a few paragraphs at the end of each day of my trip... when that didn't happen, I thought I'd bring everyone up to date within a day or two after I got to Virginia... I planned to be very productive and wow you all with my wit and wisdom, not to mention the incredible photos I was taking.

Well... I didn't have a clue, and neither did Sadie!

The trip in one word? Long.

We left Monday, June 26th, Sadie all snuggled into her doggie car seat - with a 10" fan and 2 AC vents, she settled down to sleep all the way to Virginia. Well, except for breaks every 2 or 3 hours. Between us Sadie and I did a comparative analysis on every rest area from Tulsa to Norfolk. Our findings are as follows: Oklahoma has very few and they're adequate. Missouri has frequent, well-kept, attractive rest areas. Illinois and Kentucky are also frequent, well-kept and attractive; however pets are not allowed inside the restroom. Which means leave the pet in the hot car while the human goes.

We stopped for the night in Evansville, Indiana.

Tuesday we took a long lunch at a rest stop in Kentucky, where Sadie experienced her first White Castle burgers. Back on the Interstate, crossed a bridge over Floyd's Fork. I wonder if there's a Ned's Knife... or a Sue's Spoon. Another interesting observation - there are a LOT of billboards advertising whiskey distilleries... made me wonder... how many AA groups are there in Kentucky?

Drove farther than I meant to Tuesday night and finally stopped in Lexington, West Virginia. (BAD choice - it was already dark; in the mountains; heavy fog; no signs of life for 10 miles after I got off the interstate, then a neon motel sign rising out of the fog; only 3 cars in the lot; for a moment I thought I heard banjos playing in the distance... but I finally decided I was too tired to care if some strange creature broke into my room and committed whatever foul deeds such creatures commit. However, Wednesday morning found us alive and fairly well.

The rest of the trip was fast and not much to talk about. I managed to find the house, pulled in the driveway and called on my cell phone to ask where everybody was. Got a cool picture of them all running out of the house to meet me...

So, anyway, that's the trip part. Maybe tomorrow I can write about what life is like with 3 grandkids and 4 dogs... and I'll try to figure out how to post pix.

P.S. See where it says comments? That's for you, dear reader, to let me know you were here!!

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